Advanced Ozone Therapy Training & Certification

Get trained and certified in the most advanced techniques of ozone therapy and start providing natural ozone treatments in your own practice!

Dr. Matthew Cook is the founder of BioReset Medical, an integrative medical practice that provides wellness solutions for patients suffering from complex, hard to treat conditions. He successfully uses ozone therapy as part of his treatment protocols at BioReset and is a leading expert in this field. Dr. Cook is an instructor for Frank Shallenberger’s Ozone Therapy Courses which are certified by the American Academy of Ozonetherapy (AAO) and is now offering advanced AAO certified courses at BioReset Network.

Licensed practitioners can now apply to take BioReset’s Advanced Ozone Therapy Certification courses, including High Dose Ozone Therapy, Ozone Dialysis and Ozone Injection Therapy. Get certified and start incorporating ozone treatments into your own practice.


  • Learn directly from a leading expert in the field
  • Training is available onsite 5 days a week
  • Hands on and highly interactive
  • Experience therapy administration with real patients
  • Discuss how the cash pay model works in practice
  • Ongoing Q&A sessions with Dr. Cook and team

Prerequisite Course:

Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s Ozone Therapy Training and Certification Course: “The Essentials of Natural Medicine”. Dr. Shallenberger, considered one of the world’s foremost experts on ozone therapy, teaches you in this course, the basic foundation of how ozone works, including easy to understand biochemistry, physiology, and immunology. Please call us at 408-687-4707 and we will assist you in registering for this course.

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Practitioners interested in learning more about ozone therapies (without getting certified) can also apply to train one on one with Dr. Cook in his integrative medicine practice, BioReset Medical. Please call us at 408-687-4707 or email us at for more information. Or book directly here

BioReset High Dose Ozone Therapy Certification Course

In this advanced 2-day course, through observation & management of cases, you will learn specific protocols, adjunctive/integrated therapies, among other things.

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BioReset Ozone Dialysis Certification Course

Get trained and certified in the most advanced techniques of ozone therapy and start providing natural ozone dialysis treatments in your own practice!

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BioReset Advanced Ozone Injection Therapy Certification

Coming soon! Get trained and certified in the most advanced techniques of ozone injection therapy and start providing natural ozone treatments in your own practice!

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Professionals must be able to demonstrate proficiency by the end of the training in order to qualify for certification.


Training is provided 5 days a week on site at the BioReset Medical Clinic. A BioReset Training Coordinator will find the most suitable course dates to accommodate your schedule.

Course Location:

All courses take place on site at BioReset Medical, 3803 S Bascom Ave #203, Campbell, CA 95008.

What is Ozone Therapy and why is it so effective:

Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. What does it do? To briefly summarize, ozone accomplishes these very important tasks in your body:

  1. Ozone is AntiAging (some of those AntiAging effects can be attributed to the following list of actions…)
  2. Ozone Increases Oxygenation of your Cells (it has been proven that cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body).
  3. Ozone Modulates your Immune System (for those with a weakened immune system, Ozone will boost the immune system. For those with Auto-Immune Disorders, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help to stop it from attacking healthy human cells.)
  4. Ozone Increases Energy Production in your Cells (your cells need energy to be healthy; low energy levels mean that you and your cells will not be healthy and will age)
  5. Ozone Increases the Activity of your “Antioxidant Enzyme Systems”. This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body.
  6. Ozone Reduces the level of acidity of your body (never mind the Alkaline Water…use Ozone!)
  7. Ozone kills Bacteria, Viruses (and virtually all other disease causing organisms) on contact
  8. Ozone Kills Cancer cells on contact

See how our patients at BioReset Medical feel about their Ozone Therapy experience.