NAD Group Training & Certification

Get trained and certified in the most advanced applications of NAD+ therapy and start treating patients in your practice!

Dr. Matthew Cook is the founder of BioReset Medical, an integrative medical practice that provides wellness solutions for patients suffering from complex, hard to treat conditions. He successfully uses NAD+ therapy as part of his treatment protocols at BioReset and is a leading expert in this field. Dr. Cook trains doctors from around the world in the most advanced integrative therapies and is now offering NAD+ therapy certification courses through BioReset Network.

Licensed practitioners can get more information about our next NAD+ therapy certification group course by phone at 408-687-4707 or email at Get certified and start incorporating NAD+ treatments into your own practice right away.


  • Learn directly from a leading expert in the field
  • Hands on and highly interactive
  • Experience therapy administration with real patients
  • Receive personal NAD+ treatments
  • Discuss how the cash pay model works in practice
  • Ongoing Q&A sessions with Dr. Cook and team

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Practitioners interested in learning more about NAD+ therapy (without getting certified) can also apply to train one on one with Dr. Cook in his integrative medicine practice, BioReset Medical. Please call us at 408-687-4707 or email us at for more information. Or book directly here


Professionals must be able to demonstrate proficiency by the end of the training in order to qualify for certification.


Training is offered on site at the BioRest Medical Clinic. A BioReset Training Coordinator will find the most suitable course date to accommodate your schedule.

Course Location:

All courses take place on site at BioReset Medical, 3803 S Bascom Ave #203, Campbell, CA 95008.

See how our patients at BioRest Medical feel about their NAD+ therapy experience.

In this advanced NAD+ therapy certification course you will learn the foundational biochemistry of how NAD+ works in the body as well as how to integrate this powerful therapy into your integrative medicine practice. The key components of the course include:

  1. NAD Biochemistry and Biology
  2. NAD General Clinical Principles and Protocols
  3. NAD+ for Health Optimization and Performance
  4. NAD for Chronic Infections (i.e. Lyme and Mold) and Auto-immune Disease
  5. NAD for Neurological Conditions
  6. NAD for PTSD/Anxiety/Depression
  7. NAD for Addiction